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22 Jul 2017

How to Know That You Are Getting the Best Deals on Area Rugs


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Posted By Todd S.

Area rugs are a very popular and sought after item for many shoppers. From time to time everybody will need a new rug to compliment the interior of their home and really bring out the tone and warmth of a room. Many people prefer high traffic area rugs that can be lain over those often walked over portions of a room and can serve to both protect their carpeting from wear and tear, as well as to really add some charm to a room. Area rugs are a great way to add finishing touches to your home's interior décor, and thanks to the World Wide Web, area rugs in a variety of patterns and styles are widely available online. But in order to really get the best deals to be had on rugs, you need to make sure that you know what to look for and that you are shopping smart.

Finding the best deals

This is the hardest and most trying task when shopping for area rugs, or anything for that matter online. The internet is literally inundated with millions of websites that all sell similar things, and sometimes finding the sites that offer the best deals can be a really time consuming task. But there are ways around this mish mash, so to speak. Try using what are called shopping comparison search engines, and type in specific keywords like: area rugs, or all natural area rugs. The comparison search engines will search through any and all merchants and allow you to find and compare those who offer the best deals.

How to know that you are being offered the lowest prices

Generally speaking, the top merchants who offer area rugs and rugs for sale online will already know what prices the competition is offering. Your best bet is to find several of the top online merchants who offer the product that you are seeking to find the best deals on and compare prices between them. Look for offers like price match guarantees, where a merchant will meet or beat another merchant's advertised online price. You can then go through a merchant of your choosing and use their price match to get the same rug from their inventory at a better, lower price.

Sales tax and shipping

You always want to look for free shipping and no sales tax. Sales tax online will only be applicable if the merchant is based in your home state. However, many merchants will offer mirror sites that are based out of state to allow their loyal customers who reside in state to enjoy sales tax free shopping. When you crunch the numbers, sales tax can really add up. As far as free shipping goes, if a merchant does not offer free shipping, there are ample amounts that will. Never pay more than you have to.

Returns and customer service

Check out the merchant online and at a few reliable sources. Make sure they are getting mostly positive feedback. Review their customer service and returns policy and make sure you can live with it. Heck, even call their tollfree number and see how friendly the associates are before you whip out that wallet and tender payment. Also make sure that you check their online feedback. Many sites will have a rating on other sites that rate them like: Bizrate Feedback, Amazon Feedback, Price Grabber Feedback and Feedback. Look for a higher star rating to assure that the merchant you are using is reputable.


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